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    Security Information Threat and Countermeasure

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    Refer to attached scenario.

    Based on scenario:

    1) Describe with example, on the 6 threats i have identified:

    - 2 Physical Threats - Sabotage, Natural disaster
    - 2 Human Threats - Social engineering, poor password
    - 2 Electronic Threats - Malware, Phishing

    2) Based on each of the 6 identified threats above, develop an effective counter-measure.
    (Altogether 6 countermeasures)

    * a paragraph for each threat / countermeasure
    * Please do not provide definitions only.
    * Please avoid over-quoting from sources. Minor citation allowed
    * Any sources of knowledge should be credible, i.e. provide authors, title, urls
    (exclude wikis, blogs, or personal opinions)

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    Physical Threats

    Sabotage: Sabotage is a form of physical threat which is very similar to theft. While in theft, computing and network equipment gets sold in the black market; sabotage involves deliberate destruction of equipment in a fit of revenge. Any person who has some grudge against the organization can pose the risk of sabotage against organization's systems. Sabotage can take many forms like partial destruction of sensitive system to cause one type of damage or complete destruction of computing systems to cause damage of another type.

    Countermeasures: Organizations should monitor its systems for any events of physical destruction like sabotage. One of the key counter measures can be putting cameras which can be used to ensure that even remote sites are under watch. The monitoring system should include various types of sensors which can provide a complete understanding of the damage. Also, the organization can keep a watch on employees who have previous record of causing damage or harm to company's property.

    Natural Disaster: This is a form of physical threat over which one has no control. It can happen anytime, anywhere, with varying intensity. The damage as a result of natural disaster can be too large for any organization to deal with. Fire, flood, earthquakes and other natural disasters are obvious threats to physical security to which every company is vulnerable.

    Countermeasures: The best counter measure to reduce the risk associated with physical threat due to natural disasters can be training and education. While it is not possible to prevent natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, it is not difficult to educate employees on what to do when such unpredictable events occur. If the staff is prepared to deal with these threats, the vulnerability of the organization can be reduced.

    Human Threats

    Social Engineering: Social engineering is one of the forms through which malicious individuals can try to breach information security of an organization. Social engineering uses human behavior as a tool to ...

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    Security information threats and countermeasures are examined. Physical, human and electronic threats are examined.