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Security trends, countermeasures, and threats

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Research current security trends, countermeasures, and threats. What will be the most threatening security issues firms have to deal with within the next five years? Offer an example to support your response.

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This solution discusses security trends, countermeasures, and threats that a firm will be dealing in the next five years. It suggests that the key to prepare for these threats is vigilance.

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Fujiwara (2006) agrees that "malicious codes, network attacks and network abuses" are threats to firms around the world.

Computer Economics (2007) identified the top three security threats as "malware (infection of the organization's systems or network by viruses, worms, trojans, adware, or spyware), phishing (impersonation of the organization through email or electronic means in an attempt to obtain confidential information, and pharming (diversion of internet traffic to an imposter site by means of DNS poisoning or browser address bar attack in an attempt to obtain confidential information".

According to ...

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