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Historic Failures of Public Infrastructure

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The topic: Select a public infrastructure failure in the last 20-years and analyze.

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Research: Historic Failures of Public Infrastructure

All public infrastructure is at some degree of risk of failure to meet its designated functions. Sound engineering design seeks to understand uncertainty and manage risk to a level that is both affordable and at the same time acceptable to society. Select a public infrastructure failure in the last 20-years and analyze the failure.

At a minimum discuss:

1. Failure:
Describe what happened in sufficient detail to permit the reader to understand the general magnitude and the context and environment in which the failure occurred.

2. Consequences:
Discuss the immediate physical, life safety, economic, and political consequences of the failure of this system. Then discuss the long-term consequences that were identified as a result of this failure.

3. Threats:
Discuss the major threats that this specific infrastructure system was designed to withstand. Was the failure due to one of these identified threats?

4. Countermeasures:
Discuss the countermeasures that were designed into the system to withstand the identified threats. Then discuss the countermeasures that should have been designed into the system
to prevent the failure.

5. Vulnerability:
Describe an approach for calculating the degree of vulnerability of the system to the threat that ultimately caused its failure.

6. Threat Likelihood:
Discuss an approach for determining the probability that the system would be successfully impacted by the threat that ultimately caused the system to fail.

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Solution Summary

A historic failures of public infrastructures are examined.

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