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    IT Architecutre: Basic Question & Answers

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    1. Name two advantages of Stateful Inspection Packet Filtering Routers.

    2. Name two advantages that firewalls add to a network

    3. Name two advantages of the Dual Homed Bastion Host firewall architecture

    4. Name two advantages of the Screened Subnet or DMZ Firewall architecture

    5. You just discovered a knowledgeable insider has planted a logic bomb in your shipping applications and is demanding $50,000,000 to disable it. What do you do

    Choose the best answer:

    6. The three devices most commonly used for perimeter protection are:
    A) Application servers, firewalls, and databases
    B) Routers, Firewalls, and IDSs
    C) Web server, application server, database serv
    D) Router, Web server, Firewall

    7. What are the two types of detection that an IDS can provide?
    A) Misuse and anomaly
    B) Denial of service detection and HTTP attacks
    C) Fragment and offset
    D) ICMP and TCP

    8. The three things that must be considered for the planning and implementation of security controls are:
    A- Threats, assets, and business objectives
    B- Threats, vulnerabilities, and risks
    C- Vulnerabilities, secret keys, and exposures
    D- Exposures, threats, and countermeasures

    9. Separation of Duties is based on which principle?
    A-An operator does not know more about the system than the minimum required to do the job
    B-Two operators are required to work in tandem to perform a task
    C-Operator duties are rotated frequently
    D- Operators have different duties to prevent one person working alone to compromise the system

    10. An orchestrated attack on an Internet site intended to disrupt communications is called
    A- Blended attack
    B- Coordinated attack
    C- Denial of Service attack
    D- Penetration test.

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    1. The packet-filtering rules allow a router to permit or deny traffic based on a specific service.

    2. It can prevent Denial-of-service attacks.

    3. It can keep track of state of network connections, so only packets matching a known connection state will be allowed by the router.


    1. A properly-configured ...

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