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How should True and False questions be answered?

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Dear Student,
Hi. I needed to 'dissect' your post a bit. I have deducted that your question is regarding how True and False questions should be answered. You are also referring to the 'choices' question format so I am assuming that you are talking about multiple-choice questions. So, how do we answer True and False questions and how is it different from multiple-choice (where you choose from a, b, c, d answers)?

When we ask true or false questions, we basically are looking for the answer of either - you must choose between 'true or false'. Usually this is an evaluation of a statement. Below, I will give you an example of how true & false questions are answered in 2 ways - one with the choice of only True or False as answers, the other includes a 'defense' of the answer. The question is simple but comes from the 'natural science' domain. For example:

"The Sky is Blue. True or False?" - here you are asked to answer whether this is right or wrong. You can answer "true" for this question. And yes, you can 'defend' your answer, ...

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