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    Information Security and Ethics

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    In this assignment you are expected to fill out the following table in a document:

    Security Threat
    Description of the security threat and its impact to organizations. Provide an example.
    What can organizations do to keep their information secure from each threat? Make sure you discuss both: technology tools (software or hardware) as well as the organizational strategies (policies, leadership, training, etc.).

    Computer Virus
    Example of a Computer Virus:
    Technology (software, hardware):
    Organizational strategies (policies, leadership, training, etc.)
    Any other threat

    Please help me to start this paper as I am at a loss for where to begin. I understand what spyware and malware are but have never heard of a sniffer or a trojan.

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    Security Threat Description Example(s) Impact to Organizations Organizational Strategies
    Internet Threat Since information is the primary commodity in the world of e-commerce, it faces the biggest risk. Once a cyber attacker gains control of the user computer, he may get access to all files and information stored on that system, including any financial information. ->Email spoofing
    >Unauthorized access to system Internet threat could have a serious impact on organizations which could make the business operations redundant for several days until the system gets restored.
    The key information gets misused leading to loss of repute and financial loss. Knowledge is the key to protection of business from online risks. Knowing what these risks are, how the business is vulnerable to these attacks, and what impact would these attacks cause on the business is the first step towards protecting the business and its assets from online attack. Other strategies include:
    ->Not storing confidential information on a computer that is connected to internet
    ->Establishing set of policies and procedures for internet security
    ->Educating employees about internet risks and security
    ->Unplugging the ...

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