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Do a search on the Internet for digital certificates. Explain (1) the definition and importance of authentication, (2) the definition, benefits, and process of using digital certificates for authenticating users, and (3) the ethical responsibility for authentication and revocation. Cite at least three (3) sources in your response, and be sure to list your sources in an APA-formatted bibliography on a separate page.

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A digital certificate is a security tool used to verify that a person is who they say they are when sharing personal information on a website. In my opinion, authentication is very important to companies expanding their business via web because many websites require name, age, address, and social security numbers as a part of the enrollment process. There are plenty of third-parties and hackers out there who would love to gain access to personal information for their own personal gain. According to Tech Republic (2002), in databases and operating systems, user authentication is very ...

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General marketing questions are examined. The responsibility for authentication and revocation are determined.