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From a marketing standpoint, what is wrong with these questions?

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2) From a marketing standpoint, what is wrong with these questions?

What is your husband's favorite brand of golf ball?
What TV programs did you watch last Monday?
What was the total income you reported in your income tax return last year?
Are auto manufacturers making satisfactory progress in controlling auto emissions?
Do you usually use eyeshadow?

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For the five questions asked, the response explains how the question could have been phrased better to elicit better information for marketing.

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1. The product is rather general. Golf balls are made to one size but will vary according to colour and weight. These different ranges of balls are classified by ISBN number. It would have been better to ask what particular weight and/or colour of golf ball he wants.

2. It would be more useful to classify the T.V. programmes watched into Science ...

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