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CIPS codes of ethics

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I have attached a case study below, which apparently is simple, but I do no know how to base it on CIPS codes of ethics and utilitarian rights.This is an important case study and I really need some help on it. I have attached the case study for you.

Software Copyright Case

You are the Vice-President of Information Services for a large Canadian university. As such you are responsible for all IT professionals who work for the university, and for all policies and actions concerning IT within the university. You report directly to the President. For several years, your Information Services Department has stored and made available via FTP various software programs that were either in the public domain, or were shareware, or were proprietary programs for which you held campus-wide licenses for all staff and students.

Originally these programs could only be obtained by logging on to the host machine, and as such were only available to people who had authorized accounts on that server, and were accessing it from machines within the Internet domain of the university. One year ago you authorized a change that made this software available through Web browsers. You were assured at the time that this change did not affect the security in place. The software would still only be available through machines within the university domain, and that each download would be recorded and identified to a particular individual and machine.

Yesterday the system administrator responsible for the server approached you with some concern. Due to a security loophole, anyone knowing the specific pathname and filename of any available software program could download it from any location. The administrator had heard that many students were now aware of this and had obtained their own copies of a leading software package, and possibly distributed this information about how to obtain it elsewhere. There was the possibility that large-scale theft of proprietary software had occurred.

Analyze this situation and determine what you will do. You are required to apply a systematic form of analysis to the case that considers both utilitarian and rights ethical issues, and the interests of all stake holders, as . Base your solution on the CIPS Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct where relevant. Make and state any assumptions you consider necessary.

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CIPS codes of ethics are explored.

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Problem Analysis
Para 1- You are aware of a problem
Para 2- You have not fully secured the network
Para 3- The problem needs to be handled through a properly defined digital forensics investigation procedure adopted by the company.
But unauthorized monitoring need to be handled by the Company Information Security Policy statement if the person concerned is to be given this level of security.
Para 4- ...

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