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Fishbone Diagram in Project Management

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Fish Bone Diagram is a highly effective tool when implemented. Expound on the Fish Bone tool and how it can be used in the project management process. Please ensure that the expert help reflect the credits provided, thanks.

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Fishbone Diagram in Project Management
Fishbone diagram or Ishikawa diagram was originally developed as a quality control tool but can be used in other ways too. In project management, fishbone diagram finds its application in discovering the root cause of the problem, underlying bottlenecks in the process and identifying where and why a process is not working (Hill, n.d).
The structure of fishbone diagram has causes and effect. Causes are listed on the left side of the diagram and are broken down into major categories. The project management personnel can identify different causes and put them in appropriate categories. The right side of the diagram has effect. In a project, effect is ...

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Application of Fishbone Diagram in project management are examined. References are provided to aid in the understanding of the question.