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Fishbone Diagram

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The operations manager for Superfast Airlines at Chicago's O'Hare Airport noticed an increase in the number of delayed flight departures. She brainstormed possible causes with her staff:

Aircraft late to gate

Acceptance of late passengers

Passengers arrive late at gate

Passengers processing delays at gate Late baggage to aircraft

Other late personnel or unavailable items

Mechanical failures

Draw a cause- and- effect diagram to organize the possible causes of delayed flight departures into the following major categories: equipment, personnel, material, procedures, and "other factors" beyond managerial control. Provide a detailed set of causes for each major cause identified by the operations manager, and incorporate them in your cause- and- effect diagram.

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The cause and effect diagram is more commonly called the Fishbone diagram. It is called this because it resembles a fishbone. Simply the fishbone is structured brainstorming. By using a graphical means to relate the causes of the problem to the problem itself you are able to determine the cause and effect. If you notice ...

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Cause and Effect can be a difficult task - until you discover the fishbone diagram.