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    Fishbone diagram

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    Complete the Fishbone Diagram for below:

    "A professor who teaches the Introduction to Management course has noticed that 20 percent of the students in her sections receive a grade lower than 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. This is the first management course that any of these students have taken. The text for the course is a standard survey text, which is used at many other colleges and universities. All of the students in the class are first semester junior, business students. The students work in teams to manage a simulated factory. As part of this they must use a computer spreadsheet to do simple income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow problems. Prepare a cause and effect diagram (CED) to analyze the problem: "Why do students in OM 301 receive low grades?" For the main main branches of the CED, use the titles of student, books, faculty, and equipment."

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