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Identifying risks in project management

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Project Risks Identification
Use the project risk categories that you brainstormed during the previous week to categorize the risks that you have determined for this assignment.
Show a list of stakeholders and project teams that you utilized to identify risks.
Thoroughly describe each project risk (at least 8), which includes the source for identifying the risk.
Identify and show the specific technique that you used to identify the risks, such as cause and effect, a fishbone diagram, a SWOT analysis, interview notes, and an assumption list.

Project Risks Assessment
Create a table similar to the sample above, or use another method to list the risk, the likelihood of occurrence, and the overall severity of impact if it occurs.
Fill in the table with the information from the project identification utilizing the 2 scales that you determined as a part of your Discussion Board assignment. Be sure to consider both the cost and schedule impact as you determine the overall impact.
Rank your risks based on both the likelihood and impact using a technique, such as 2x2 matrix as shown in the assignment description section.
Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.

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Project Risks
Technical Risk
1. System does not work as intended: The technical requirement of a project could be system upon which project work would be done. However if the system does not work as intended, the project would suffer. This risk was identified by interviewing the project team personnel.
2. Malware/virus attack: Due to any reason the project can be attacked by malware or virus leading to loss of time, resources and information. It may be due to inadequate protection of the system. Malware or virus attack can be detected instantaneously as the system become unresponsive.
People Risk
1. Personal problems of resources: Resources may have personal problems like ill health or ...

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The risks in project management are identified. A table which is similar is created.

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