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Chronology of Your Use of Technology, Rapid Advancement, & Noise

Do a chronology of your use of technology. For example, make a timeline and identify when you first had a TV or color TV, cell phone, Betamax, 8 track, cassette deck, VCR, cd player, DVD-write, etc. Just include the year, not your age (Unless you want to). Does this give us an idea of how rapidly technology is advancing? What does this advancement mean to the 'noise' that we face when trying to communicate.

Include citations and references to support your offering.

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1985 - TV
1990 - Nintendo (Black and White)
1993 - Atari
1994 - VCR
1993 - 8086 Computer
1997 - Cell Phone
1998 - Personal Computer -286/386
2000 - Intel Pentium Computer
2001 - CD R/W
2002 - DVD R/W
2003 - Laptop
2004 - Xbox
2005 - Flat Screen TV
2008 - Apply Ipod

As can be seen above, the technology has advanced quite a bit and is also advancing at an accelerated pace. The advances in technology are so fast that sometimes it just becomes difficult to keep up with the changes. The main reason behind these advances has been ...

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