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Productive and Counterproductive Conflicts

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Outline the differences between productive and counterproductive conflicts. Select an example for each type (productive and counterproductive) of conflict from your workplace and explain where each went wrong. Analyze the behaviors that led to the different outcomes. Provide suggestions for correcting the counterproductive conflict.

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//In this paper, two types of conflicts in an organization will be discussed; the introduction of the topic starts with the general meaning of conflict and then proceeds with differences between productive and counterproductive conflicts stating some examples.//

Conflict is a general term that refers to disagreements, disputes, fights, quarrels among individuals, groups or communities (Deo, 2009). An organization encounters two types of conflicts, namely productive and counterproductive conflicts. The two types of conflicts differ from each other in a number of ways.

The productive conflicts are more positive, creative, constructive, and innovative. They develop better communication and interaction, and in turn lead to the healthy working environment, thus, increasing the efficiency of an ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 446 word with references.

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Productive and Counterproductive Behavior in Organizations

Prepare a response in which you analyze the relationship between productive and counterproductive behavior in organizations. As a part of your analysis be sure to address the following items:

- Define productive and counterproductive behavior.

- Describe the impact that productive and counterproductive behaviors have on job performance and the overall performance of an organization.

- Recommend strategies to increase productive behavior.

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