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Conflicts types

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Determine the differences between constructive and destructive conflict. How do they affect networking? Discuss examples of each that you may have encountered in your work environment.

Identify and discuss some desirable factors that are supportive of team learning and allow for sustainable innovation and creativity.

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Please allow some of my ideas to help. Since I am not in your exact class, these notes are highly generalized:

First of all, as you explain some of the differences between the conflict types, you might note that destructive conflict usually tends to be dysfunctional as its name implies. It usually happens when behaviors escalate, causing degeneration.

Research shows that as a result, "the conflict parties forget the substantive issues and transform their purposes to getting even, retaliating or hurting the other person. In destructive conflict, no one is satisfied with the outcome, possible gains are not realized and the negative taste left over at the end ...

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Conflicts types within work climates are exemplified.