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Organizational Communication: Conflict Styles and Tactics

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Look at specific conflicts and examine the conflict styles and tactics involved. How do groups and individuals react in conflicts? Do they engage in conflicts productively? Analyze how conflict is handled and resolved in Lowe's Home improvement stores. Record any examples that support your observations. Analyze the communication practices observed.

Consider the following in your analysis:
- Identified the conflict styles and tactics involved in specific conflicts.
- Analyzed how groups and individuals react during conflict.
- Analyzed whether people engage in productive conflicts in the school or organization.
- Analyzed how conflict is handled and resolved in the school or organization.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 567 word with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 567 word with references.

//In this paper meaning of conflict is described. It also summarizes different types of conflict styles and their approach in an organization.//

Conflict in an organization is reflected by organizational behavior. Conflict can be among individuals or within a group. Conflicts occur when people or groups dependent on each other in some or the other way have different goals or aspirations of achievements surrounded by an environment with limited resources (Johnson, 2009).

The types of Conflict styles can be summarized as:

1) Accommodating: This type of conflict style maintains cooperation and helps in satisfying others. It is an effective approach when the other party is an expert or has a better solution or when harmony and stability are important. It also helps its subordinate to learn from their mistakes.

2) Avoiding: This type of style characterizes unconcerned attitude towards issues or the party involved in a conflict. It can also lead to postponing of an ...

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