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Empire Plastics Organizational Structures

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Need these questions answered in detail:

1. Discuss the organizational structure at Empire Plastics.
2. What design changes are needed?
3. Why does conflict exist at Empire?
4. How does the organizational culture affect this situation?
5. What changes in culture are needed at Empire Plastics?
6. What political tactics would help Ian Jones?
7. How could conflict be resolved?
8. Based on your analysis, what recommendations would you give?

Please see attachment for case.

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I. Discuss the organizational structure at Empire Plastics.
Empire Plastics appears to have an organizational structure consisting of a production arm-Empire Plastics Northern and a procurement department-Empire Consultants. Empire Consultants appears to be a Project Management Office, which utilizes Management Consultants to execute its projects.

II. What design changes are needed?
If at all possible, it might be beneficial for Empire Plastics to have its own Project Management team. In some cases, this is not possible. Perhaps, the company does not manage enough projects of this complexity to maintain a project management staff. In that case, Empire Plastics and Empire Consultants in particular, requires more direct oversight of their vendors.
Lets compare the successful Wet End project against the less successful Dry End project. In both cases, Empire Consultants is outsourcing the entire project to Outside Management Contractors. In both cases, the Roll of Empire Consultants was not well defined.

Wet End:
1) Western Construction had a design office on site at Empire Plastics.
2) Western Construction has strong communication ties with its front office.
3) Marshall (Empire Plastics) and Weald (Western Construction) had worked together before, had a good working relationship and had established trust.

Dry End:
1) Teknibuild did not have an office on sight.
2) Teknibuild had trouble getting information from its own home office.
3) Marshall (Empire Plastics) and Mason (Teknibuild) had not worked together before and appeared to have conflicting styles.
4) Teknibuild ...

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Empire plastics organizational structures are determined. How the conflict could be resolved is determined.

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