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    Project Management

    5 Types of Risks for a Highly Complex Project

    Assume that you are a project team member for a highly complex project based on a new technology that has never been directly proven in the marketplace. Further, you require the services of a number of sub-contractors to complete the design and development of this project. Because you are facing severe penalties in the event

    characteristics of constructive conflict

    Discuss 3 of the 6 basic characteristics of constructive conflict and corresponding principles that should guide a group committed to constructive conflict. Include examples for me for each one you choose, so I can understand better, thanks The issues are 1. focus on issues 2. respect for others 3. supportiveness 4. f

    Indirect costs calculations

    Calculating Indirect Rates Cost Element Cost Subtotal Rate Direct Labor Base $15,500,000.00 Overhead Expense 8,000,000.00 Burdened Labor Subtototal $23,500,000.00

    Personal Project: Project Charter

    The Project Charter should include the following sections: Description and Scope Background info on organization, history of the problem / business need Objectives - the solution to the need, success criteria Benefits of the solution Scope statement - major deliverables, specific out-of-scope items. Business case - is t

    Project Management Finishing Well

    The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand and synthesize project closing processes as they relate to project management. The case addresses program management, project quality, and project closing considerations and issues. Read the case study "American Shogun" on pp. 341-347 of https://saidnazulfiqar.files.wor

    Earned Value Analysis Structured Explanation

    The purpose of this assignment is to help you to understand the application of Earned Value Analysis (EVA) for project management monitoring and control. Read the case study "That Which Is Not Earned Is Never Valued" on . Then help answer the four discussion questions that follow the case, applying current, relevant theory. A

    Systems Development: Involvement of Business User

    For this assignment, you will need to access the CSU Online Library to research two articles concerning information systems development and project management. Drawing on these two articles, your textbook, and other sources, write an essay that addresses the following: 1. Provide a well-formulated thesis statement in your int

    Consumers & Retail Sales & Retail Credit Cards

    1. A quick check of advertisement in the newspaper, on the internet or on TV will find any number of "sales". Sales may include "hot items" for special events or holidays or may include clearance items from the season just ended. Explain how discounts are used in retail stores to encourage consumer spending and describe a sale y

    Business Management for Manufacturing Operations

    Weekly Question for Week 8. Hallmark has sent you to Thailand to start a manufacturing operation. The 10 pieces of equipment you need just arrived in customs. When you go to the customs area you notice a 2 star Thailand General inspecting your equipment. You say "hello." The General says that for $10,000 cash your equipment

    Information Technology (IT) Management

    Question 1 What are some of the current challenges in IT management?Also, discuss briefly the challenges of centralized vs. decentralized IT organizations. Question 2 What is the role of Information Technology in organizations and businesses?How do IT managers interact with others in the organization?How can IT managers

    The Captiva Conglomerate Case Study

    Al Carpenter, Materials manager at Captiva Conglomerate, has called a meeting with his Inventor and Spares manager, Sam Sliderule, and his Supply manager, Aaron Blumencranz, Jason Patel , vice president of Operations, Monica Stein, vice president of finance, and Jana Perry, director of Information Technology, are also in attend

    Restaurant Improvement Proposal

    I need help revising an upscale restaurant business proposal I have a PowerPoint presentation, but it really should have been assigned to someone fluid in graphics using Power Point. English grammar and current business background is a MUST. I need this to present to peers for critique. I also need someone who has

    Dimensions of Good Project Management

    Question 1 Discuss the basic dimensions of good project management and provide an example to support your response Question 2 In project planning, budgeting, and scheduling describe the roles played by key stakeholders and users. Question 3 Explain the role of accountability in project management and discuss w

    Celoxis: Assessment of Web Based Portfolio

    After you review the Celoxis website, write a 2- to 3-page paper, double-spaced. Start the paper with a brief overview and a description of Celoxis software, uses, advantages, and disadvantages, and your experience with the evaluation process. What are the advantages of using a tool to evaluate technology decisions?

    IT Governance: Compliance

    Write a 2- to 3-page double-spaced paper. Length: Follow the number of pages required in the assignment excluding cover page and references. Each page should have about 300 words.

    Socio Technical Systems: Presentation

    Review the experience of one organization's IT transition difficulties, described in the following article: Charette, R. (2010, June 30). "Outstanding success" or nightmare payroll system: Lawsuit will decide. IEEE Spectrum. Retrieved from http://spectrum.ieee.org/riskfactor/computing/it/outstanding­success­or­nightmarepay

    Project Closure Statements

    I need help completing the following with an example or something that I can use as a sample to go by. Think of a project that you have previously been a part of at a past or current place of employment, and imagine that you were appointed the project manager. Describe the process you and your project team would follow

    Project: Construction

    I need help with an example/sample for the following assignment. Scenario: You are the project manager responsible for a new building construction in northern Virginia. The building is worth $500,000 and will have five bedrooms, a kitchen, landscaping, and a two-car garage to be completed in two years. This was agreed upon in

    Positive and Negative Risks Associated with Business Projects

    Previously in the course, you were asked to think of a project you have been involved with at your place of employment. Think of that same project, imagine that you have been appointed the project manager, and complete the following: Identify some of the positive and negative risks associated with this project, and then rank

    the precedence diagram method

    I need help with an example/sample for the following assignment. Previously in the course, you were asked to think of a project you have been involved with at your place of employment. Think of that same project, imagine that you have been appointed the project manager, and complete the following: Create a schedule of the

    Project-Based Management: Leading strategic Change

    Think of a project you have been involved with at your place of employment or a place where you one day envision yourself working, and imagine that you were appointed the project manager for this project. Describe the activities that you and your project team will perform in the initiating, planning, executing, controlling and

    Organizational Structure and Project Management

    I need help with an example/sample for the following assignment. Review an article that describes how an organization's structure can shape the roles of a project manager and project team throughout the duration of a project. The article you select must be at least five pages long, and no more than five years old. Write a

    Trends in Business

    To lead a successful business, leaders and managers must be aware of developing trends, concepts, and advances that are occurring due to technology and globalization. The focus is on the value of the triple bottom line - profits (or revenue minus expenses), people, and the planet. In addition to speed, innovation, and quality, l

    Case Study: Five Companies

    Length: Minimum 4 pages excluding cover page and references (since a page is about 300 words, this is approximately 1,200 or more words).

    Quality management system based on the Malcolm Baldridge

    This solution examines how a quality management system based on the Baldridge criteria yielded were used to guide the U.S Postal Service in a changing market environment. In 1993 under the leadership of Marvin Runyon, the US Postal Service embarked on establishing quality measurement principles based on the Baldridge criteria t

    Information Systems Development and project management

    I really need help with a 3 part question.. 1. How can a business user be involved in the core activities of building an information system..how software development methodologies such as agile development can work in tandem with project management for the benefit of both information systems development projects and organizatio

    Information Security Reviews

    Case Assignment Revisit Bruce Schneier's presentation in Module 2. This time, please focus on his discussions on cost/benefit analysis. Schneier, B. (2008). What are the implications of spying? CCTV interview with Bruce Schneier. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar67N94NYr0 If you don't have access to the pres

    House of Quality to provide the organization with your perspect

    Imagining yourself to be the customer, construct a House of Quality to provide the organization with your perspectives on what the important dimensions of quality are and how well the organization is currently meeting your needs. Develop a SPC checklist for each dimension of the product that you believe would be subject to stat