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    E-Business Developments

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    Describe three big developments in e-business that will become commonplace by the year 2020. Explain why you selected each development and the impact it will have on society and on businesses.

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    Three big developments in e-business that will become commonplace by the year 2020:
    First, big development in e-business that will become commonplace by 2020 is delivery by drones. These will enable companies to deliver packages much more efficiently and quickly. The delivery times will reduce to just 30 or even 15 minutes. The drones will be sent from delivery centers or distribution centers and will travel directly to the delivery address provided. There will be superfast drones that will be used for "express" delivery which will deliver faster than normal deliveries. The use of drones will reduce delivery costs and reduce logistical bottlenecks and pitfalls (1). Currently, Amazon is working on the use of drones for deliveries however it has not yet been able to implement it across its entire business. Flirtey a company specializing in delivery of medical supplies has already made the first FAA approved doorstep delivery drone. Now, the Australian post department is testing drones for making deliveries. I have selected this development because it has a high potential for wide use in 2020. The key advantage is speed of delivery. In addition, drones operate on a battery which is non polluting when compared with delivery trucks and even driving to the store to get groceries. Further, it will encourage online shopping and this will reduce impulse purchases and improve the financial well being of the customers. Drones are likely to flood e-business by 2020. Deliveries can be made over mountains, forests, and waterfalls with relative ease and through shorter routes. The transportation infrastructure cannot limit the reach and convenience of drones. Precise deliveries can be made through drones. There is no cost of "human" pilot to make the delivery. For example, a railroad requires railway tracks for deliveries, and a road is essential for trucks to ...

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