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Integral Parts of the Managerial Process

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Which of the following are integral parts of the managerial process of crafting and executing strategy?

a. Developing a strategic vision, setting objectives, and crafting a strategy

b. Developing a proven business model, deciding on the company's strategic intent, and crafting a strategy

c. Setting objectives, crafting a strategy, implementing and executing the chosen strategy, and deciding how much of the company's resources to employ in the pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage

d. Coming up with a statement of the company's mission and purpose and communicating it to all employees, setting objectives, choosing what business approaches and operating practices to employ, selecting a business model, and monitoring developments and initiating corrective adjustments.

e. Deciding on the company's strategic intent, setting financial objectives, crafting a strategy, and choosing what business approaches and operating practices to employ.

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a. Developing a strategic vision, setting objectives, and crafting a strategy

B, C, D, and E all measure ...

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