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Project Management

Risk Management and the Ability to Track These Risks

Reply to the following: Describe the Top Ten Risk Item Tracking approaches for performing qualitative risk analysis. The Top Ten Risk Item Tracking is a qualitative risk analysis tool used to maintain awareness of risks throughout the life of a project by helping to monitor risks (Schwalbe, 2014, p. 549). Periodic reviews

Risks Associated with Conducting Business

Reply to the following: Risk monitoring and control are ongoing activities that must be carried out throughout the completion of a given project. Risks must be constantly measured and monitored against defined standards in order to ensure continued compliance and the maintenance of the project within the desired and defined t

Monitoring and controlling risks

Explain the tools and techniques for performing risk monitoring and control Risk Reassessment - Reassessment is essential in any project, because it requires being attentive towards what will cause a risk in a project at all times. The groups need to have the risk reassessment be a constant topic in all status meetings, to m

IT Project Success and Failure

Give an example of a company that took a big risk on an IT project and succeeded. In addition, find an example of a company that took a big risk and failed. Summarize each project and situation. In your explanation, also discuss whether you believe that anything besides luck makes a difference between success and failure. Foc

Top Ten Risk Item Tracking

Project risks need to be analyzed both from the qualitative and from the quantitative points of view. Consider the aspects of qualitative risk analysis and respond to the following: -Describe the Top Ten Risk Item Tracking approaches for performing qualitative risk analysis. -Explain, with two examples, how the Top Ten Risk

Lessons Learned Report for Project Management

Write a fake lessons-learned report for a project of your choice. Do you think it is important for all project managers and team members to write lessons-learned reports? Would you take the time to read them if they were available in your organization? Why or why not?

Distributing Project Information

Reply to the following: Within communication skills there is always room for improvement. With constantly changing technology, and a wide vocabulary of technical language within IT projects communication skills are the most import skill that has direct impact on the success of the project and is the reason behind many problem

Social Media Tools for Effective Business Communication

Reply to the following: i. Identify and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways of distributing project information. Electronic communications are often useful when it is important to send information quickly to a large group of people. Face-to-face communications are important for developing relati

Types of team building activities

Respond to the following: Team building activities can vary from physically challenging to relaxing in a boat on a lake to mentally challenging puzzles and activities. Each activity has its place and strengths and weaknesses, but they all share the common goal of building cohesion, trust, communication and create a more effec

Importance of team cooperation within organizations

Team-building activities have proven to increase positive communication, raise morale, empowers team members, and encourages bonding. Two common approaches to team building activities are physical challenges and mental team building activities. It is very common for organizations to have their teams go through physically chal

Project Management: The Gantt Chart and Construction Plans

Draw and post Gantt chart for the construction phase of a project. What approach did you use to develop the schedule? Why did you choose that approach? Which methodology did you use to develop the schedule? Why did you choose that method? Do you agree with the recommendation made by the project manager about the construct

Project Management Protocol Questions

Please provide a response to the following questions and list all references used for each: 1-Summarize 3 of Convey's habits in your own words and give examples of how these habits would apply to project management. (Please list at least 2 references) 2-Write a 1-2 page answer summarizing the main features of Microsoft Pro

Distributing Project Information

Project information should not only be distributed to the right people at the right time, it should also be distributed in the best possible way. Consider the aspects of distribution of project information and respond to the following: -Identify and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways of distribut

Project Management on Organizational Structure

How could each of the following parameters influence your choice for an organizational structure? Explain your answers in as much depth as possible. Project cost, Project schedule, Project duration, Technology requirements, Geographical locations, Required working relationships with the customer, and Required working relationshi

Basic Tools of Quality

Reply to the following: Identify when and why you would use these tools on an information technology project. In my opinion all these tools should be used for every project especially IT projects because they use testing extensively to ensure quality (Schwalbe, 2014). Each tool provides a great way to ensure the project p

Seven Basic Tools of Quality

Reply to the following: Identify when and why you would use these tools on an information technology project. The old seven, the first seven, the basic seven are all terms used by quality pros to identify the seven basics tools for quality (Seven, n.d.). Cause-and-effect diagrams, control charts, run charts, scatter dia

Quality and IT Projects

Reply to the following: Identify the importance of quality while executing information technology projects. Quality is important when executing information technology project. IT projects require strong leadership, understanding the cost of quality, a quality conducive work environment, and an overall mindset within the or

Use of tools in project management

The case method is an excellent learning tool, as well as an important assessment instrument. It helps develop your ability to synthesize textbook material and various situational factors. Read the case study attached and help write a paper explaining whether the right decision was made. Use the focus questions below the cas

Use of various charts

The Seven Basic Tools of Quality are: cause-and-effect diagrams, control charts, run charts, scatter diagrams, histograms, Pareto charts, and flow charts. Consider the features of these tools and respond to the following: - Identify when and why you would use these tools on an information technology project. - Explain, giv

Quality in IT Projects

There is an increasing dependence on information technology in our daily lives. It is widely used in the fields of aviation, automobiles, medicine, education, finance, and banking, to name a few. Consider the features of information technology projects and respond to the following: - Identify the importance of quality while ex

Benefits of Earning a Quality Award

Understand the criteria for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award or a similar award. Read about a company that has received this award. What steps did the company take to earn it? What are the benefits of earning a quality award? Please cite and list all references used.

Persuading Executives: Project Management

Based on the Levon Corporaion case study http://books.google.com/books?id=XQO-o1IdF10C&pg=PT150&lpg=PT150&dq=the+levon+corporation+case+study&source=bl&ots=oEc9xEPK2j&sig=_mIEasl7MmdmD2UIdRYxW_fO54o&hl=en&sa=X&ei=J-1nVJ32BJPdsAS8jIHQAg&ved=0CDAQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=the%20levon%20corporation%20case%20study&f=false 1. Analyze the

Logistic Questions

3. Consider the supply chain for breakfast cereal. Discuss the competing objectives of the farmers who make the raw materials, the manufacturing division of the company that makes the cereal, the logistics division of the company that makes the cereal, the marketing division of the company that make the cereal, the distribution

Project Cost Management Software

Reply to the following: Identify the steps managers must undertake to ensure that data generated by project management software is accurate and up-to-date. With managers gathering data for input into the software is critical in order to data output to be accurate. Each individual in a project has to carry their worth in th

Project Managers and Time Management

Reply to the following: Identify the factors you need to keep in mind while determining the project budget. How would you determine the flexibility you need in the budget to accommodate changes? According to My Management Guide, a project budget is "the total amount of monetary resources that are allocated for particular go

Telecommunications Project Closing Reports

Based on your expertise and experience, propose a closing report that addresses the different areas of the project to bring finality and closure. This report would be based of a telecommunication project.

Leadership: Project Managers of Technology Projects

1. What is the Role of the Project manager? Why is leadership so important for project managers? 2. What makes information technology projects differ from other types of projects? How should project managers adjust to these differences? 3. What does it mean to take a systems view of a project? "How does taking a systems vi

Project Management and Strategy

What ethical issues are common during the selection of project personnel? Which project organizational forms best encourage peer-to-peer communications and problem solving? Why?

Organizational changes that must be implemented

Give two examples of organizational changes that you think should be implemented through project management. Organizational change is generally defined as making changes within an organization that will affect the way individuals and groups operate and interact (Schwartz, K, 2014, p 211). Project management is a good too