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Project Management

Use of tools in project management

The case method is an excellent learning tool, as well as an important assessment instrument. It helps develop your ability to synthesize textbook material and various situational factors. Read the case study attached and help write a paper explaining whether the right decision was made. Use the focus questions below the cas

Use of various charts

The Seven Basic Tools of Quality are: cause-and-effect diagrams, control charts, run charts, scatter diagrams, histograms, Pareto charts, and flow charts. Consider the features of these tools and respond to the following: - Identify when and why you would use these tools on an information technology project. - Explain, giv

Quality in IT Projects

There is an increasing dependence on information technology in our daily lives. It is widely used in the fields of aviation, automobiles, medicine, education, finance, and banking, to name a few. Consider the features of information technology projects and respond to the following: - Identify the importance of quality while ex

Benefits of Earning a Quality Award

Understand the criteria for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award or a similar award. Read about a company that has received this award. What steps did the company take to earn it? What are the benefits of earning a quality award? Please cite and list all references used.

Persuading Executives: Project Management

Based on the Levon Corporaion case study 1. Analyze the

Logistic Questions

3. Consider the supply chain for breakfast cereal. Discuss the competing objectives of the farmers who make the raw materials, the manufacturing division of the company that makes the cereal, the logistics division of the company that makes the cereal, the marketing division of the company that make the cereal, the distribution

Project Cost Management Software

Reply to the following: Identify the steps managers must undertake to ensure that data generated by project management software is accurate and up-to-date. With managers gathering data for input into the software is critical in order to data output to be accurate. Each individual in a project has to carry their worth in th

Project Managers and Time Management

Reply to the following: Identify the factors you need to keep in mind while determining the project budget. How would you determine the flexibility you need in the budget to accommodate changes? According to My Management Guide, a project budget is "the total amount of monetary resources that are allocated for particular go

Telecommunications Project Closing Reports

Based on your expertise and experience, propose a closing report that addresses the different areas of the project to bring finality and closure. This report would be based of a telecommunication project.

Leadership: Project Managers of Technology Projects

1. What is the Role of the Project manager? Why is leadership so important for project managers? 2. What makes information technology projects differ from other types of projects? How should project managers adjust to these differences? 3. What does it mean to take a systems view of a project? "How does taking a systems vi

Project Management and Strategy

What ethical issues are common during the selection of project personnel? Which project organizational forms best encourage peer-to-peer communications and problem solving? Why?

Organizational changes that must be implemented

Give two examples of organizational changes that you think should be implemented through project management. Organizational change is generally defined as making changes within an organization that will affect the way individuals and groups operate and interact (Schwartz, K, 2014, p 211). Project management is a good too

Examples of Implementing Organizational Change

Reply to the following: • Give two examples of organizational changes that you think should be implemented through project management. In each case, explain why project management is the best method of implementing the change. One example of organizational change that could benefit from the methodology of project managem

Communications in Project Management

Some milestones have been missed in relation to communication technologies and operational functions.Challenges have risen that were unforeseen. Some stakeholders' shifted their requirements of the project. You as a project manager are being asked to account for these setbacks and delays! Provide thoughts/response to the team

Project Management Scope

A project scope statement should include the following: Project details, such as: -Project name -Project charter -Project owner(s) -Project sponsors -Project stakeholders -Project justification -Project requirements and milestones -Project deliverables Additionally, project scope statements should include at least

Project Management Scheduling Issues

Help provide a case analysis using the attached questions and case study. 2-3 pages. Please cite and list all references used. 1. Is Sue's problem one of scheduling or one of execution? In other words, does she have a problem with creating a schedule, or does she have a problem with executing it (or both)? 2. Given your an

The Project Management Cycle in a New Telecommunication Database

Develop a report utilizing the project management cycle model. Assume that the project is approaching the halfway point and your client has requested a milestone review of the project. Clients do not always understand why the progress appears as slow. Prepare a summary analysis based on the Telecommunication project plan using a

Business Strategies and Changes to the Market

Please answer each question with 150-300 words. 1. Today's business environment requires companies to undergo changes almost constantly and rapidly evolving technology forces businesses to respond in order to survive. When Technological changes occur why do firms react differently? What determines a firm's ability to prosper

Project Management: Implementing Change

Organizational processes and systems continue to operate over months and years. However, organizations must also be prepared to change in response to changes in internal and external environments. Projects may also experience changes during the life cycle, particularly changes in scope or timelines. Consider the challenges of

Project Completion with Economic Value Added (EVA)

Joe, the project manager of Highlander, Inc., has been executing a project. On July 30, 2013 the project was 60% complete and he needs help with the following measurements: (See table in attachment) a. What is the cost variance? b. What is the schedule variance? c. What is the cost performance index? d. What is the sche

PC Improvement Charter

A project charter is a document that gives the project manager the authority to execute a project and use organizational resources for the purpose. It authorizes the initiation of a project. A project charter includes basic project information, such as title of the project, project objectives, project schedules, project budget,

Project Management for Motorcycles

You are a project manager for a medium-sized manufacturer of motorcycle cruisers. In the past, your company has successfully manufactured and marketed the best-selling of these fuel-efficient cruisers that occupy the middleweight class. The rather nebulous middleweight class comprises motorcycles broadly ranging in engine si

Managing Stakeholder Expectations Via Project Scope Document

Addresses the needs of different project stakeholders and restate the mission and purpose of the project. It is suggested recapping what has been agreed upon for this project in order to minimize scope creep. 700 words or more. Please provide sources.

Characteristics of IT Projects

Consider the different aspects of IT projects and respond to the following: -Identify and describe the characteristics common to IT projects, that is, characteristics shared by a large majority of IT projects. -Identify and describe the characteristics unique to IT projects, that is, characteristics not shared by projects in o

Information Technology and Projects

Reply to the following: I think projects do have some characteristics that are not shared by day to day work (non-project). When it comes to projects they are more complex and have many more moving parts to wrangle. If I had to sum it all up in a nutshell it would probably revolve around complexity and frequency. Granted freq

Business portfolios, programs, and projects

Reply to the following: First, I would like to define projects, a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result (Schwalbe, p.G.9). When identifying projects to undertake, I recall from the reading (Schwalbe, 2014) that all projects have a definite start time and a definite stopping point. We can

Topic Selection and Justification for a Project Plan

Please help me select one of the two options below: Option 1 A routine upgrade project, such as upgrading the PCs for a company, or upgrading from one version of an operating system to another. The project plan for this will need to include a section justifying the upgrade. Option 2 Selection and installation of a COTS (

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management Part of being an effective project manager is communication and representing the interests of the different stakeholders regarding the project. Stakeholder interests can often fluctuate during a life cycle of the project. Maintaining contact and effective communication with all stakeholders is vitally i