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Measuring Progress: Project Management

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Why does a project require monitoring? Give an example of a project with which you have been involved that required monitoring. What was the end result of your project?

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Hi there! I've had the good fortune of working with some of the most gifted project managers on very difficult projects with aggressive timelines, so I would love to share my experiences and I hope that helps you with your assignment.

Projects require monitoring for several reasons. In my experience, the most important reason is the management of conflicting priorities among several parallel projects and even different tasks within a given projects. Especially in the highly driven culture of the United States, it is typical for employees to be working on several demanding projects at a time. Monitoring projects enable the project manager, key sponsors, and all stakeholders of a project to understand where a project is on the timeline and any risks to not making key milestones and timelines.

It is not necessarily a bad thing when original deadlines are not met. The key is that risk factors and blocking issues are identified early enough to make necessary adjustments to deadlines and inform all interested parties of the adjustments and the reason for the adjustments. In the real world outside of Microsoft Project, it is actually more common to miss the ...

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This solution discusses managing progress in a project.

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