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Hard and Soft Logic

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Can you please explain the difference between hard logic and soft logic for establishing dependency relationships in project schedules with a creative example of each one?

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After the project manager (PM) has assembled his project team members and outlines the activities to be done, it is now time to start creating the PND or the project network diagram. To do this, the PM puts each activity to sticky notes and arranges them in order as per sequencing. Let it cool a day or two before revisiting it and then review with project team for errors, mistakes, issues or other concerns. Work on the PND to your selected project management information system.

If the project is large, such as a software project with a hundred and more, the use of sticky notes will deem impractical to use except for those in the deliverable level. To make the task simpler, break down the large project into subprojects.

As the PM and the project team start plotting and sequencing the items in the list of activities, work first on the hard logic which are those that have to be done in a fixed sequence. Hard logic needs to be done before the succeeding activity can be done. An example of this is installing an operating system before you install MS Office and other applications and programs.

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