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How power can be exercised

Discuss the three ways through which power can be exercised, and give at least one example of each.

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Since the question is unclear as to which theory you are speaking of, I will give you two different sets of ways through which power can be exercised. The first is from Stewart Clegg. He proposed a model of three dimensional "circuits of power." These would be episodic, dispositional, and facilitative. This is most unlikely to be the answer you seek, but it does give you insight into the other ways power can be exercised. The episodic circuit is based on exercising the power of people as they consider feelings, communication, conflict, and social behaviors. These are the interactions of people daily and they can ebb and flow with situations and needs. A doctor and patient, for example, each have power and decision-making capabilities dependent on the day or situation. The dispositional circuit is more macro in point of view, using the overall practices of the society and its acceptable norms and influences. The example ...

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