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Project Scheduling: Network Diagrams and the Critical Path

Using the following activities and their relationships contract a PDM network.
1. A Start Milestone starts the project
2. Activities A and B can start at the milestone
3. Activity C follows the completion of A
4. Activity D can start after A finishes
5. Activity E cannot start until B is finished
6. Activity F starts after D and E have finished
7. Activity G starts after C finishes
8. Activity H can start after E finishes
9. The project finishes after G, F and H finishes.

Use the following durations in working days:

1. Start and Finish milestones = 0 days
2. A = 4 days
3. B = 2 days
4. C = 6 days
5. D = 7 days
6. E = 4 days
7. F = 5 days
8. G = 5 days
9. H = 4 days

1. Calculate the Early and Late dates for each activity.
2. What is the latest date C can finish?
3. What is the latest date E can finish?
4. Calculate total float for each activity.
5. What activities are on the critical path?
6. What is the early finish date of the project?

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The solution creates a network diagram with the critical path highlighted. Also, performed calculations for the float, early start and late start.