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Project Scheduling: Network Diagrams and the Critical Path

Using the following activities and their relationships contract a PDM network.
1. A Start Milestone starts the project
2. Activities A and B can start at the milestone
3. Activity C follows the completion of A
4. Activity D can start after A finishes
5. Activity E cannot start until B is finished
6. Activity F starts after D and E have finished
7. Activity G starts after C finishes
8. Activity H can start after E finishes
9. The project finishes after G, F and H finishes.

Use the following durations in working days:

1. Start and Finish milestones = 0 days
2. A = 4 days
3. B = 2 days
4. C = 6 days
5. D = 7 days
6. E = 4 days
7. F = 5 days
8. G = 5 days
9. H = 4 days

1. Calculate the Early and Late dates for each activity.
2. What is the latest date C can finish?
3. What is the latest date E can finish?
4. Calculate total float for each activity.
5. What activities are on the critical path?
6. What is the early finish date of the project?

Solution Summary

The solution creates a network diagram with the critical path highlighted. Also, performed calculations for the float, early start and late start.