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Project management:

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Apply critical chain scheduling principles to following, draw a CCPM network diagram and a Gantt chart. Revise the estimated time durations by 50% except round up the odd durations (ie. 3 becomes 4). Draw a CCPM network diagram and a Gantt Chart. How would these diagrams differ from the ones generated using traditional scheduling techniques

ID Description Predecessor Time
A External Specifications 0 8
B Review Design Features A 2
C Document New Features A 2
D Write Software A 60
E Program and Test B 60
F Edit and Publish Notes C 2
G Review Manual D 2
H Alpha Site E, F 20
I Print Manual G 10
J Beta Site H,I 10
K Manufacture J 12
L Release and Ship K 3

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The problem deals with determining the |Gnatt chart for a project, network diagram and critical path.

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