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Systems Theory and Conflict Resolution

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Systems theory is a method of analyzing conflict that goes beyond looking at individual behavior and goals, and instead focuses on the patterns of interactions between individuals as a part of a whole organization. Systems theory also focuses on the roles that individuals play within organizations.

Review the Webuwrite Academy Simulation and complete the following:

Define systems theory clearly, in your own words.

Choose one of the conflicts at Webuwrite Academy (such as Brad versus Jill, Melanie versus Jeff, Meera versus Angela, or other conflict). Briefly describe the conflict.
Then analyze what you know about the system (Webuwrite Academy) that is contributing to this conflict.

Based on your systems analysis of this conflict, propose some possible solutions or strategies for reducing the conflict. Remember, systems theory looks beyond individuals and examines at the system as a whole, so solutions may need to involve systemic changes as opposed to individual ones.

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System Theory is analyzing the conflicts from the individuals' perspective but then looking at everyone within that system as a whole to come to a resolution or solution. It focuses on how certain actions from one individual can result in reactions from another individual. These actions are analyzed to see what decisions were made within the system to cause the chain reaction.

One conflict within Webuwrite Academy is Meera vs Angela. Meera is very passionate about improving Industraville where she grew up. She wants to ensure that the people in town have ...

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Looking at outsourcing and issues that can arise within the organization if communication of such changes are not explained properly. Also understanding the steps that can be taken to resolve issues within the organization not just with individuals but as a whole team.