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Effective Project Managers for Successful Projects

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Write a short essay on why a project manager should have these characteristics and their relevance to managing a project.
- Discuss why project managers are integral to managing successful projects.
- Explain the relevance of the following characteristics: knowledge, performance, and personal.
- Identify how you can build on the key characteristics to become a better project manager.
- Describe an example of when a project manager did not possess the right characteristics. What was the outcome? - Describe a situation where you were able to work under an effective project manager. What characteristics and skills did they possess?

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- Discuss why project managers are integral to managing successful projects.

The obligation of a Project Manager (PM) is categorized into three differentiated compartments such as: obligation to the corporation, obligation to the initial project and the client, and obligation to project team members.

Obligation to an organization includes conservation of resources, timely and accurate project communications, and the careful, competent management of the project.

It is of the utmost importance to ensure top-level executives are kept in the proverbial loop on everything that has to do with the status, cost, timing, and prospectus of the project. Top-tier leaders should be forewarned about potential corporate threats, risks, or issues that may arise in the future.

The PM should consider the consequences of exceeding the corporate budget or penalties associated with failing to meet deadlines in the time allotted. Reports must be accurate and timely if the PM is to maintain credibility, protect the parent organization from high risk, and allow senior management to intercede where needed (Meredith and Mantel, n.d.).

- Explain the relevance of the following characteristics: knowledge, performance, and personal.

Knowledge, performance, and personal relate to the theoretical systems approach to project management. Knowledge is an analytical method of focus that requires a PM to understand how to breakdown and dissect the most complex system to ensure an organization can function at its fullest capacity. In essence, the PM will need to utilize the systems approach, which maintains that to understand a component, we must understand the system of which the component is a part (Meredith and Mantel, n.d.).

"In spite of the fact that the PM is responsible for the overall performance fulfillment of a project, and depending on how the project is organized and managed, the performance driven or functional managers will probably make some of the most strategic and crucial project decisions. For example, they usually select the people who will actually do the work required to carry out the project" (Meredith and Mantel, n.d.).

A system's approach is identified as a core measurement of correlated principals that encourage and stimulate inputs and manufactures outputs in ...

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