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    Project Management, Project Initiation, Organizational Structures

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    1. Why do stakeholders need to be informed throughout the project? What are some effective ways to communicate with stakeholders?

    2. Compare the elements involved in project initiation. Are there any elements that are more important than others when looking at the initiation process? Explain your answer.

    3. Compare and contrast organizational structures. What do you feel is the best option overall? Explain your answer.

    4. How do contractual relationships impact the project initiation? What are factors to be consider in a project contract? Why does the project team need to be aware of these contracts before they begin the project?

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    1. Why do stakeholders need to be informed throughout the project? What are some effective ways to communicate with stakeholders?

    As the project progresses, it is essential that all the participants (especially the stakeholders) are updated on what has been going on. Throughout the project, everyone gets busy performing their role and sometimes forget the importance of keeping stakeholders up to date with the latest information about the project. Keeping them informed is crucial in making a project successful. Without proper communication (lack of communication, over communication or miscommunication), a project is bound to fail. The project manager needs to ensure that everyone is in the same page otherwise miscommunication can occur easily which results to wasted effort and time. Stakeholder's input is valuable. However, too much involvement can be detrimental to the project and may lead to chaos. Keeping them informed with the right amount of information is the key to an effective communication that is very crucial in completing the project.
    Various ways can be done to keep stakeholders informed and communicate effectively with each other. The project team needs to have an effective communication plan that states the background of the project, a stakeholder analysis, objectives, strategy to communicate with stakeholders, potential risks in communication, and the budget involved in it. A collaborative software that keeps everyone updated on the status of issues, tasks, and milestone completion can help keep stakeholders informed. Project status reports are also helpful as they provide details on the tasks that were completed, which need to be done, pending tasks, and the issues associated with them. Regular meetings are essential as they let the participants interact with each other and respond to their concerns. It is also important for the project manager ...

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