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    Personal Project: Project Charter

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    The Project Charter should include the following sections:

    Description and Scope
    Background info on organization, history of the problem / business need
    Objectives - the solution to the need, success criteria
    Benefits of the solution
    Scope statement - major deliverables, specific out-of-scope items.
    Business case - is the project worth doing? Financial justification.
    Major milestones or events schedule
    Impact on other projects or systems
    Critical assumptions, and constraints
    Process for change control
    Identify Sponsor, Stakeholders, Project team Roles & responsibilities
    Other material resource needs
    Known risks at the outset
    Acceptance criteria - how will we know when it's done and accepted by the
    Time and cost estimates - budget

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    Step 1
    Project Charter for Personal Project
    Description and Scope:
    The project is to build a 20 feet by 10 feet single garage for my family car Ford Mondeo. The scope is to clear the ground, set the foundation, and make a brick walled garage with concrete roof.
    Background info on organization, history of the problem / business need:
    I have a Ford Fusion and I need a garage attached to my house to park the car. The garage will not only protect my car from precipitation but will also protect it from theft and vandalism.
    Objectives - the solution to the need, success criteria:
    The solution is that I must build a 10 by 20 ft garage attached to my house. It will have an entry door into my house and it will have a wide door which can be raised to permit entry and exit of my car.
    Benefits of the solution:
    The benefits will be that my car will be protected from rain, snow, and sun. In addition, the garage will be locked so the car cannot be ...

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