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    Gartner Group website review

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    You are to review Gartner group at http://www.gartner.com/technology/why_gartner.jsp. In their own words, "Gartner offers world-class, objective insight on virtually all areas of IT.
    •Unparalleled expertise across our wide range of solutions.
    •Gartner insights are drawn from a critical fact base not available anywhere else.
    •Our rigorous research process and proven methodologies provide the foundation for unbiased, pragmatic and actionable insight."

    Check out the content, links, and resources of this site.

    Then please prepare a 2- to 3-page paper addressing these topics:
    •summary description of its structure and purpose
    •its overall "look and feel" and apparent target audience
    •what you find useful about this site
    •links there that you either did or intend to follow up
    •any other things about the site that you find interesting
    •bottom-line evaluation of its value to you

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    Gartner Group: Review
    Structure, Look & Feel
    The Why Gartner section of the website has a simple directory structure which provides the user navigates and clicks on provided links to go to different pages for extended information. The page mostly has text with the exception of a video which highlights how Gartner can be an indispensible partner to clients for their IT needs. The structure allows users to quickly find the information they need in fastest possible way.
    The look and feel is clean and unobtrusive giving a serious impression to users. Blue color, clean layout and clean structure send signals of trust and quality. Lack of flashy images and text gives an official touch to the page; adding seriousness. The apparent target audience would be ...

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    A review of the website of Gartner Group is determined.