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Consumer Behavior Marketing Study

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In a 1,400-1,750 words include the below information in regards to Smartphones:

- Identify the target market of the Smartphones around the world.
- Analyze attributes of consumers and how these attribute affect consumer behavior associated with Smartphones. Include culture as a consideration.
- Explain how consumer behavior will affect smartphone design, branding, and marketing.

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-Target market of the Smartphones around the world

Gartner, Kantar Worldpanel & Analysys International noted the presence of these smartphones in the world market—Android, iPhone, Microsoft, Blackberry, and Symbian (Singh, 2012). Android Smartphone lead the market.

The target market of smartphones are the US, Europe, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, Brazil, and India.

The article of Singh (2013) showed the smartphone market in 2012 by country. Illustrative data are presented in the article.

Informa Telecoms & Media (2012) showed Active Wi-Fi users as a percentage of total smartphone users by OS, selected countries as of May, 2012. Illustrative data are also presented in this article.

Smartphone Sales in the USA is also present in this link


-Analyze attributes of consumers and how these attribute affect consumer behavior associated with Smartphones. Include culture as a consideration.

About 44% of the population in the U.S. own smartphones. Of this, 62% search on their smartphone daily, 66% use it to access the internet daily, and 11 smartphone apps were used in the last 30 days.

On local mobile smartphones, 94% look for information on their smartphones, visit the business either in-store or online after a local search, and 90% of those people take action as a result.

More interesting consumer behaviors were described:

Eighty six percent (86%) use their smartphones while consuming other media, 51% use their smartphones while listening to music, 52% use their smartphones while watching TV, 35% make purchases on their smartphones, change their minds about ...

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The solution identifies the buyers of smartphones around the world, their attributes, how it affects consumer behavior in using smartphones, and its influence on smartphone design, branding, and marketing.

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