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    Earned Value Analysis Structured Explanation

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    The purpose of this assignment is to help you to understand the application of Earned Value Analysis (EVA) for project management monitoring and control.

    Read the case study "That Which Is Not Earned Is Never Valued" on . Then help answer the four discussion questions that follow the case, applying current, relevant theory. Additionally, forecast the estimate at completion (EAC) on January 25th given the EV = 4,750, AC = 6,000, and the PV was 8,000.

    Your responses to the questions and EVA forecast discussion should meet the following requirements:

    Your complete response and discussion should be 2-3 pages long.

    Page 324-326


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    Question 1
    Cost Performance Index is (Earned Value)/(Actual Cost)
    Schedule Performance Index is (Earned Value)/(Planned Value)
    We calculate these at different major points in time of the program life cycle.
    The major points in time in history are December 14 when the project was having SPI and CPI both higher than one. This means at this point the project was on track. The second major point in time is December 21 when the turning point was reached. The third major point in time is February 22 when the project was terminated.
    December 14
    SPI= 1,800/1,500 equals 1.2
    CPI=1800/1000 equals 1.8
    December 21
    SPI= 2,000/2,000 equals 1
    CPI= 2,000/2,000 ...

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