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    Social Networks and Web 2.0

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    Develop notes on the following:

    The technologies behind a social network tool you use.
    Your experience with this tool.
    How it has changed the way you interact with your friends and family. Is the change a positive or negative one from your perspective?

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    The social network tool I use is Facebook.
    Facebook uses PHP but it has a compiler HipHop Compiler. That converts it to C++ and complies it using g++ creating a template. To avoid static compiling, Facebook works on HipHop Interpreter and HipHop Virtual Machine which translate the PHP code to HipHop ByteCode (1). Facebook uses Linux, but has optimize it for its own purposes. It also uses MySQL but mainly as a key-value persistent storage, moving joins and logic onto web servers since optimizations are easier to perform.

    Client side programming language of Facebook is JavaScript. It is mainly used within web pages. The Markup Language is HTML5. The image file formats on face book are done through Portable Network Graphics (2). Embedded Cascading Style Sheets gives a set of style rules in the Facebook webpage. The social network of Facebook is US based. Data such as logging, clicks and feeds transmit using Scribe and are aggregated and stored in HDFS using Scribe-HDFS. Page rendering is accelerate using BigPipe technology which uses pipelining logic. HTTP proxying is done by Varnishing Cache. The Chat of Facebook is based on an Epoll server developed in Erlang and accessed using Thrift. Facebook owns about 60,000 servers. The currently unveiled datacenter in Prineville is based on self-designated hardware that was unveiled as Open Compute Project(3). Memcached processes store 300 TB of data, the Hadoop and Hive cluster is made of 3000 servers with 8 cores, 32 GB RAM that total 24 thousand ...

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