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MEDCOM Project Execution

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You are to read all the background reading and then focus on the article below. The abstract from that article states: "The US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) annually manages 250 projects, with a scope of $300M, at 26 different sites. Due to current events and initiatives, MEDCOM is anticipating an increase in construction requirements. As a result, MEDCOM is seeking for a more efficient project management model that can optimize each project manager's function as well as the organization. The hypothesis is that the entire organization is merely a summation of the project managers, and that the organization's bureaucracy problem is a magnification of the internal problems of a project manager. The new project management model must overcome the constraints of the lack of perceived information and expertise and bureaucracy of the environment."

You are to assess the extent to which this project is transformational and what "lessons can be learned" from this new approach. What are the elements of this approach that would make for more effective project execution in any project? What recommendations would you make to the Army to further improve their project management approaches, particularly in the execution phase? Are these components or lessons from the other readings which could benefit projects like the one described in this article?

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The project is not transformational. In a transformational project the future state is unknown when one begins and is determined through trial and error as new information is gathered. In addition, in a transformational project the future state is so radically different than the current state that people and culture must change to implement it successfully. New mindsets and behaviors are required. The leaders in a transformational project must shift their world views. In case of the MEDCOM project the objective is to increase performance, and become more efficient. There is need to build more facilities, there are funds constraints, and performance of construction industry and MECOM has been unsatisfactory. This project is not transformational but is transitional because it involves replacing what is with something completely new. This means designing and implementing a new state. In case of MECOM project the destinations details can be identified and people are largely impacted at the levels of skills and action. People are not likely to be impacted on more personal levels of mindset, behavior, or culture.

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The lessons that can be learned from this approach are that the project responsibility should be consolidated solely to the vendor. The responsibility for the project must not be divided. Next, performance measurement should be simple, quantifying, and updated. The client should be ...

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