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When recommending a PMI/CMM project model with the basic four-phase project structure (initiating, planning, executing, and closing with control done in parallel) for an IT project, describe in some detail the acquisition half of the standard project life cycle, focusing in sequence on executing and closing process groups. Discuss ideas on how the flexibility inherent in the basic model might be employed for the project management of an IT project.

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//Prior to writing for this query, you should have an understanding of project and phases of project life cycle. You are required to define the stages of project life cycle for IT projects by concentrating primarily on execution and closure of a project. I am going to assist you on these points which would help you to enhance your knowledge and meet the requirements of this query. See the text below: //

Managing an IT Project

Project management refers to the application of various tools & techniques for making the effective utilization of available resources for completing the given task within the limits of time, cost, resources and quality (Lewis, 2007). The life of a project passes through some steps which are initiation, planning, execution and closing with control. Initially, the term 'Project Management' had been used for construction or manufacturing industries with tangible products and materials.

In the current scenario, the whole world is witnessing heavy developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It has brought forward a new concept of IT project management which is very complicated due to the continuously changing developments and requirements (Phillips, 2004). Therefore, it is very difficult to implement an IT project and it requires very careful steps to be taken during the process of implementing an IT project. In addition to this, the IT project must be aligned with a company's business strategy so that it can contribute in its success (Avellanet, 2009).

//In the above paragraph, we took an overview of project management for IT industry. In the following part, we will be discussing four phases of project life cycle and its implementation for IT projects. //

Project Life Cycle

The project life cycle is a sequence of various activities which are concerned with completing the objectives of a project. There are some very essential steps from which a project ...

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The response address the queries posted in 1193 words with references.