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    Quality Control and Scope Changes in Project Management

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    The director of your department has asked you to provide on outline on how you will assure the successful completion of the project. She is concerned that if the scope of the project changes, your team will not meet the deadline.

    Provide an e-mail response to the director, discussing the following:

    What have you done to ensure a successful execution of the project plan?
    What are you doing to control the project and quality of the project?
    What measurements will or have you put in place to handle scope changes?
    What decisions have you made in assigning tasks?
    How will you monitor and report the closing of the project?

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    In planning for effective returns on any project, the decision making is key to rendering a long-term position within the targeted industry marketplace. Thus, the case study outlined the internet based sales program as the means for strategic positioning the business organization to increasing their sales volume. The aim is profitability margins that satisfy the stakeholders within the designated time period to meeting the targeted annual perceptions.

    The email presentation should hone on project managers ability to utilizing resources that will reinforces the project scope, as in the core below criteria's mention:

    - What have you done to ensure a successful execution of the project plan?

    Project managers are successful in execution to the designated project scope objectives with proper research and set timelines of deliverables. Thus, the case study scenario entails a goal for managing unforeseen challenges and projected setbacks that can accomplish the project execution. In designing a strategic management platform, the outcome renders a sufficient plan of action that produces the desired result of accountability. Hence, the core opening statement to the stakeholders in the email is to state the following:

    Dear Stakeholders,

    In the initiative to successfully execute the project plan, the project manager First /Last Name will implement several elements of procedures. The primary strategy for successfully executing the project plan is mandatory communication model to the stakeholders ...

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