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Requirements for PMP Exam

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What are requirements to sit for the PMP Exam (both paper and online methods).

Discussion on the following:
•The amount of experience you must have to sit for the exam
•The amount of hours of project management training you must take before you sit for the exam
•The fees required to take the exam

Please ensure that the information provided reflect the custom credit amount e.g word count, thanks for your help in advance.

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Dear Student,

Requirements for the PMP Exam are as follows:

• Secondary degree(high school diploma, associate's degree or the global equivalent)
• 7500 hours leading or directing projects
• 35 hours of project management education
• A four-year degree
• 4,500 hours leading and directing a projects
• 35 hours of project management education

Costs: $405 For PMI Members/$555 For Non-PMI Members

The initial step is completing the application. The application process requires validation that the applicant has had experience in each of the knowledge areas. The knowledge areas include Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Control, and ...

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This solution provides the requirements to sit for the PMP exam as well as what to expect to maintain your PMP credential

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