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Arsenal Eletronics Plant Location Case Study

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Arsenal Electronics is going to construct a new $1.2 billion semiconductor plant and has selected four towns in the Midwest as potential sites. The important location factors and ratings for each town are as follows:
Scores (0 to 100)
Location Factor Weight Abbeton Bayside Cane Creek Dunnville
Work ethics 0.18 80 90 70 75
Quality of life 0.16 75 85 95 90
Labor laws/unionization 0.12 90 60 60 70
Infrastructure 0.10 60 50 60 70
Education 0.08 80 90 85 95
Labor skill and education 0.07 75 65 70 80
Cost of living 0.06 70 80 85 75
Taxes 0.05 65 70 55 60
Incentive package 0.05 90 95 70 80
Government regulations 0.03 40 50 65 55
Environmental regulations 0.03 65 60 70 80
Transportation 0.03 90 80 95 80
Space for expansion 0.02 90 95 90 90
Urban proximity 0.02 60 90 70 80

Recommend a site based on these location factors and ratings

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Site analysis based on location factors and weightage

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