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    Lifelong learning online

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    Lifelong learning is essential for everyone. It is critical in Project Management. There are several places where you can find free online classes related to Computer Science. Stanford and MIT are among two of the main other universities that offer these classes. Research these and others you may find. Identify some classes that might be interesting to take in the future and discuss why someone might be interested in pursuing those courses. Discuss your perspectives on the importance of lifelong learning. What are some other ways to pursue a lifelong learning track?

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    This is what I learned from the sites and the last paragraph is my personal insight on the subject.

    Lifelong learning means that people stop participating in a rut type of existence and expand their abilities and their possibilities. Taking classes, especially those offered in environments where consequences are low, help people to feel more capable, more confident. It helps to better understand the world they live and work in.

    The classes offered as free courses through both little known or famous education outlets allow people to pursue education further with limited consequences. The consequences, such as time spent, can pay off in huge ways for people. They can learn more about their work environment, ways to improve their work or job, and how to approach ...

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