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Technology and OSI model

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You are at an IT networking group meeting and the discussion turns to technologies that are still in use today, but evolved from their original form. One example is the OSI model. Using the resources in the Library and on the Internet research the history of the OSI model so you can contribute to the discussion.

Please include the sources of your information.

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The OSI or the Interconnection Basic Reference Model is a layered, theoretical description for communications and computer network protocol design. The OSI model has seven layers. The first layer is the physical layer, the second the data link, the third the network layer, the fourth is the transport layer, the fifth is the session layer, the sixth is the presentation layer and the seventh layer is the application layer. The reason for this development was that earlier computers were very centralized and there was a single point of ...

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Technology and OSI model is discussed very comprehensively in this explanation.

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