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    TQM Questions

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    1. You have been appointed project manager for TQM. One of the main functions of TQM project manager is to develop a detail plan TQM implementation, process improvement and value to the organization. Present the details of your plan and justification for a TQM program.

    2. Your company is under going major change due to a severe down turn in the economy. Your company's survival is in jeopardy. You have been select to evaluate two methods for improvement. You are to evaluate the difference in the concept of Kaizen and Reengineering. Analyze the implementation of these concepts and define how each would impact the organization? Justify your evaluation and implementation plan.

    3. How can the concept of Six Sigma be effective in improving processes and adding value to an organization? Justify the implementation of a six-sigma program in United States Navy.

    4. The Baldrige Criteria for Quality has two major sections on Customer and Market Focus. Summarize the purpose and requirements for these two sections. Explain how an organization could apply these two sections to improve their performance.

    5. Why is it important to benchmark competitors and non-competitors?

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    STEP 1
    TQM Plan:
    TQM entails four steps namely Plan, do, check and act.
    In my organization the detailed plan to introduce TQM for improving quality are:
    1. Reduce rejection rate:
    2. Make every part as close to the original template:
    3. The assembly should not have any defects.
    1. The first stage plan will be over a period of one month:
    2. After repeated improvements using TQM it is expected that the improvement process will reach a satisfactory level in six months;
    1. Every foreman and the production manager will be responsible for improvement:
    ? After every month the results of the exercise will be examined for variances from the objectives:

    The three results will be examined and compared with the objectives every month till in six months time the process is expected to improve to a satisfactory level.
    The justification for TQM is that it provides continuous opportunities for improvement.

    STEP 2
    Kaizen vs. Reengineering:
    This material is taken from the website: http://www.graphicproducts.com"Kaizen is a system of continuous improvement in quality, technology, processes, company culture, productivity, safety and leadership" http://www.graphicproducts.com
    On the other hand reengineering is a fundamental change of an organization's business processes. Reengineering treats the business as a series of processes from material acquisition to the distribution of products.

    Since the purpose is to turn around an organization, I would propose the use of reengineering because of the following ...

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