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Business - Visionary Leaders

1. What is meant by Visionary leadership?

2. Describe Customer-Driven Excellence.

3. What are the Seven Steps to Strategic Planning?

4. What is a TQM Exemplary Organization?

5. Describe the Baldrige Award Program.

6. Look up Deming red beads theory and discuss what it has common with Safety.

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1. What is meant by Visionary leadership?

Visionary leadership entails a leader that has the capability, knowledge, and wherewithal to establish a paradigm for his or her company and subsequently carry out this vision through steps required to make the vision a reality. Visionary leaders possess traits that include innovativeness, extensive knowledge in their discipline, and are risk-takers. The leaders of their industries choose to take risks when attempting to become the captains of their industry by calculating the risks and rewards of their visionary plans.

These leaders do not tread lightly when creating a vision as they are well versed in the knowledge of their discipline having conducted the necessary research to make an educated decision toward leading their company toward their vision. These leaders next take the necessary measures to ensure that policies are put in place to achieve this vision by creating plans to dictate this vision toward their employees. These leaders are transformative in nature with the ability to be charismatic enough to have others invest their time and careers in toward the leader's vision.

Visionary leaders have the respect of their employees, respect of others within the industry, and respect from their customers that enables them the autonomy to create a new lane in their industry that adheres to new vision for their company and the industry as a whole. Their vision is accomplished through research, innovation, and dedication by them and their employees toward the goal they have envisioned.

2. Describe Customer-Driven Excellence. ...

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