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    Visionary Leadership, Cross-Cultural Leadership, Facilitating Change

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    Choose an indivdual whom characterize as a visionary. http://www.usatoday.com/news/top25-influential.html

    -Why do you characterize them as visionary? Give specific examples.
    -Analyze the added value of this visionary leader brings to the organization based upon your research.
    -Do you think visionary leaders are needed in every workplace? Why or why not?
    -What business conditions particularly call for visionary leadership?

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    Visionary Leader
    Leadership refers to the ability to influence people or group of people towards the achievement of goals. For this paper, the selected visionary leader is Bill Gates. Bill Gates is a founder of leading technological company that is Microsoft Corp. Bill Gates has the ability to how to create effective business in the market. For example, in 1975, the first product of Microsoft Altair BASIC, was launched and became the industry standard (Millett, 2011). Bill Gates is the first entrepreneur, who challenged the freebie software distribution in a capitalistic letter. Through his visionary and creative thinking, Microsoft launched different products and services to the customers. With the help of visionary thinking, Bill Gates believes that things happen by creating system bigger than him. It is also inspiring people to join the company in order to change the world (Thompson, 2001).

    Added Values
    Bill Gates is a successful leader in the technology industry. Through his thinking, IT sector receives new and innovative products that support the businesses as well as household customers to make effective activities. Bill Gates also provides some additional values to the organizations through his visionary thinking. In this, Bill Gates believes that a person can change the world by his thinking, vision and mission. He also believes ...

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    Visionary leadership, cross-cultural leaderships and facilitating change are examined.