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TQM Modifications

I'd like to get a total of 300 words with regard to how a TQM program is modified for a US domestic organization once it pursues a joint venture with China. I'd like TQM modifications succinctly detailed with regard to employees, leadership, motivational and SMART metrics. Please provide an overview of each.

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Today, Total Quality Management (TQM) is recognized as one of the most important innovations of modern management. Investments in quality initiatives are acknowledged worldwide as a prerequisite to organizational competitiveness and success. TQM may be implemented in any cultural setting and its success or failure depends largely on how it is fused with the relevant national and organizational cultures.

Recently, Noronha proposed a theoretical model explaining the influence of national culture on TQM. The central argument of the thesis is that each national culture nurtures a so-called 'culture-specific TQM'. The culture-specific TQM theory juxtaposes two emic systems, namely the particular national culture in question and TQM itself as a self-existing and transcendent culture. The ...

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This solution involves a discussion of TQM modifications.