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    Quality Management: SPC Tools

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    Reading: Oakland, J. S. (2003) TQM: text with cases (Case Study 9, pp. 432-442). 3rd ed. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann.

    Describe the use of SPC tools used at D2D? How could these tools be applied to good effect in your company or another you know well? Give examples to support your answer.

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    D2D realized the supplier-process-customer chain tools are interdependent, and ultimately support the delivery of products and services to customers. To this end, D2D felt it was important to identify the process of each part of the operations, and consider the supplier-process-customer chain for all work. It is important to note that the initial supplier-process-customer chain tool used was identifying the process, and implementing measures. This effort was then modeled or flow charted, according to our text and "strategic and business reviews were used to identify the processes critical to the success of the organization" (Oakland, 2003).

    Once identified, the processes were evaluated to ensure continuous improvement. This included training employees and ensuring all had the proper equipment, facilities, and other resources to perform the work. The processes were then reviewed on "daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual cycles" (Oakland, 2003). In some cases, where possible, a scorecard was used. Furthermore, customer "were asked to provide data, feedback and information on each failure to conform to their requirement, and the feedback was compared with the internal performance measures of the supplier"(Oakland, 2003). Another key point is that each process was owned by ...

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    This detailed solution describes the use of SPC tools used at D2D based on the case study in Oakland's text. It explains how these tools could be applied to a company with examples and APA formatted references.