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    Statistical Process Control (SPC)

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    What is Statistical Process Control (SPC)?

    How might it be used, or is being used, in healthcare?

    What tools other than control charts are used in SPC?

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    Statistical process control is the utilization of statistical methodologies in order to control the processes and procedures within a given organization. This statistical methodology is utilized in order to ensure that the processes and or procedures within a given organization are congruent with the standards or specifications that are set up within this organization. In essence, standards or specifications are set by organizational leadership, which would include such things as the number of defects that may be allowed per 1000 medical garments that are produced by a manufacturer for instance. Statistical process control will monitor the production of these garments as well as ascertain the number of defects that are present per 1000 medical garments, in order to make a determination as to ...