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    Defining Process Capability, Statistical Process Control, Six Sigma & the Learning Curve

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    1. What is process capability? Provide an example of how it can be used in a global organization. What special considerations should be given to a global organization compared with a more local business?

    2. In what ways does your organization rely on statistical process control? As organizations seek to become more effective, what role if any can statistical process control play? Are there any drawbacks to statistical process control? If so, what are they?

    3. What is Six Sigma? What are the advantages and disadvantages for implementing Six Sigma in your organization? Analyze special considerations and possible constraints of implementing Six Sigma in an international business.

    4. What is the learning curve and how can it be applied in a global business environment? Would the application of the learning curve be appropriate for your organization? Explain your answer.

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    Answer 1
    Process Capability

    The process capability can be defined as the ability of a manufacturing process to meet the specifications. The process capability means the ability to work without errors. It is also expressed as the process capability index or process performance index. In the process capability, the variability of the output of a process is measured and then it is compared with a proposed specification of the product (Kerzner, 2009). The quality characteristics of output of a process are helpful to measure the process capability. The value of process capability index (Cp) should be greater than one. The process capability can also be defined by the standard deviation. The different levels of standard deviation are used to determine the process capability according to customers' needs and specifications.

    The process capability is useful concept in the global organizations particularly in manufacturing. The global organizations can use the process capability index to measure the performance of manufacturing or output process. The process capability index is also widely used to determine the supplier's ability in producing the material according the requirements of the customers. The global organization should be given some special considerations for process capability in compare to local organizations. It is because; the output processes of the global organization are large and complex than the local businesses. For example Toyota Corporation gives special consideration on process capability index within the organization. The process capability approach develops a systematic framework that is helpful to enhance the work effectiveness within Toyota. The global organization has needs to develop this system because of the large manufacturing plants than local businesses with small operational processes (Gryna, Chua & DeFeo, 2006).

    Answer 2
    Statistical Process Control

    The statistical process control (SPC) is a method of total quality management that is used for achieving quality control in ...

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