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Operations Management

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What is the learning curve and how may it be applied? Would the learning curve be appropriate for your organization?

What is Six Sigma? What are the advantages and disadvantages for implementing Six Sigma in your organization?

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Six Sigma was developed by Motorola. This was known as a business strategy that they developed. The goal is to avoid as many errors as possible and to minimize any form of variability within manufacturing as well as in organizations. Each business follows a set of steps and target goals. These can range from financial to customer service based. However, the term six ...

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This solution dealt wth ways in which six sigma is beneficial and harmful within an organization as well as how the learning curve benefits a company too.

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Operations Management: Operating Expense & Inventory Expense


Relating to operations management state how "Throughput, Inventory & Operating Expense relate to successful & in some cases unsuccessful business operations practice"


Throughput means the rate at which an organization generates money through sales, if something has been produced but has not been sold then it is NOT throughput.

Inventory means money invested in purchasing things that are intended to be sold.

Operating expense means money spent in order to turn inventory into throughput (Inc. Labour, management, computers etc).

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